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Flower yield and vase life of Gerbera in response to planting time and organic manures on Alfisol

Akumienla Longchar, Rokolhuii Keditsu


Variationin planting time and organic substrates are considered as two importantattributes influencing performance of Gerbera. An experiment was conducted with three dates of planting (15thMay, 15th June and 15th July) and three sources oforganic manures (Farmyard manure, Pig manure and vermicompost) on an Alfisolwith the aim to find out their suitable combination with respect to growth,floral characteristics, yield and vase life of Gerbera. Different dates of plantingshowed significant response on leaf area and plant height with 15thMay date of planting, whereas vermicompost used as organic nutrient sourceshowed sustained improvements in growth parameters (number of leaves), floralcharacteristics and flower yield parameters in addition to flower vase life.Among the different dates of planting, 15th June planting exhibitedmost favourable responses. Vase life of flowers remained unaffected withvariation in planting time, while FYM as organic substrate aided in extendingit.


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