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Age estimation of camel in Nigeria using rostral dentition

A. Bello, M.L. Sonfada, A.A. Umar, M.A. Umaru, S.A. Shehu, S.A. Hena, J.E. Onu, O.O. Fatima


The study aimed at providing information in estimating the age of camel using rostral dentition through the phenomenon of teeth eruption and wearing, thought, only way to age an animal accurately is to know the date of birth but where these records are not available various anatomical features are used to estimate age. A total of 1100 camels of both sex were used for the purpose of the study. Records were obtained between April to July 2010 on daily visit to the Sokoto metropolitan abattoir. Investigation showed that at birth, there were no teeth, at 9 month, all the deciduate teeth have erupted. At 4 years, all the deciduate incisors and canine have worn down. At 7 years, all the permanent incisors and canine teeth have erupted. At 12 years, all the permanent incisors are in wear, while At 15 years, all the permanent incisors and canine teeth have worn down. At 20 years, all the permanent teeth are down and clearly separated from each other.

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