Scientific Journal of Animal Science <p>The Scientific Journal of Animal Science (SJAS)is an international peer-reviewed journal publishing original scientific papers, reviews and short communications on animal science, animal production and related areas. It includes sections on: animal derived food quality; reproduction and physiology (ruminants and non-ruminants); animal production (management, behaviour, welfare, health); nutrition and feeding (ruminant and non-ruminant); genetics (quantitative and molecular) and breeding; aquaculture.</p> en-US (Executive Managing Editor) (Farhad Jazideh) Tue, 10 May 2022 00:00:00 +0200 OJS 60 Preliminary analysis of Dawuro sheep growth performance managed under community-based breeding programs in south Ethiopia <p>A preliminary Performance analysis of Dawuro sheep from the ongoing Dawuro sheep community-based breeding program (CBBP) was made. Data for this study were collected over a period of 3 years (2017-2019). Studied traits were birth weight (BWT), weaning weight (WWT), 6-month weight (6WT), average daily gain from birth to weaning (ADG0-3), and average daily gain from weaning to 6-month age (ADG3-6). The analyses were carried out using SAS software. The least square means for BWT, WWT, and 6WT, ADG0-3, and ADG3-6 were 2.55±0.04 kg, 13.95±0.14 kg, 19.88±0.044, 125.68±1.55 gm and 70.35±4.7 gm respectively. Phenotypic progress for most of studied traits has shown promising improvements. The preliminary result suggests that selection based on 6WT can be effective in improving performance of Dawuro sheep. Thus, strengthen the cooperatives and continuation of selection therefore recommended for bringing further improvements. Estimation of genetic parameter and genetic trend is required for more information and optimization. Analysis of correlated traits also suggests for more efficient selection program.</p> Kebede Habtegiorgis, Adisu Jimma, Deribe Gemiyo, Otoro Olkie, Ayele Abebe, Berket Zelke Copyright (c) 2022 Kebede Habtegiorgis, Adisu Jimma, Deribe Gemiyo, Otoro Olkie, Ayele Abebe, Berket Zelke Fri, 20 May 2022 00:00:00 +0200