Scientific Journal of Crop Science 2020-11-04T00:30:00+00:00 Executive Managing Editor Open Journal Systems <p>Scientific Journal of Crop Science (SJCS)is an international peer-reviewed scientific journal publishes the original research on all aspects of crop sciences. Scope of the journal includes: crop agronomy, production, genetics and breeding, germplasm, crop protection, soil sciences, postharvest systems and utilization, agroforestry, crop-animal interactions, environmental issues and agricultural information.</p> Genotype-Environment Interaction and Stability Analysis for Grain Yield of Potato (Solanumtuberosum L.) genotypes 2020-11-04T00:30:00+00:00 Mohammed Beriso Getachaw Asefa <p>Yield data of 12 potato (<em>Solanumtuberosum L</em>.) genotypes tested across 9 rain-fed environments during the 2007-2009 growing season using RCBD in 3 replications were analyzed using the AMMI model. The AMMI analysis tested in nine environments (years) were showed that the yield was significantly affected (P&lt; 0.001) by genotypes and environment main effects as well as GxE interaction. The model revealed that differences between the environments accounted for about 57.73% of the treatment sum of squares. The genotypes and the GxE interaction also accounted significantly for 16.87 % and 25.41% respectively of the treatment SS. The first principal component axis (PCA 1) of the interaction captured 56.44% of the interaction sum of squares. Similarly, the second principal component axis (PCA2) explained a further 13.67% of the GEI sum of squares. The mean squares for the PCA 1 and PCA 2 were significant at P =0.01 and cumulatively contributed to 70.11% of the GxE interaction SS, leaving 29.89% of the variation in the GxE interaction in the residual. The AMMI and AMMI stability value (ASV) identified G3 and G12 as the stable and high yielding genotypes.</p> 2020-07-20T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Mohammed Beriso