Examine the constraints to private investment in manufacturing industry in Kurdistan province


  • Hojat Ranjbar Department of Business Management , Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Kermanshah, IRAN
  • E. Abbasi Department of Business Management, Alzahra University, Tehran, IRAN


private investment, manufacturing industries,economic insecurity, Kurdistan


Arteryproducing life of the community and the country. If the path to prevent or stopthe growth of community-created life will be endangered. Economic wisdomdictates that before the development of policies related to target marketlocal, regional and global feasibility to identify and networking. And the problemsand obstacles that one of the most manufacturing industries that lack ofcapital is taken.Inthis study of how influenced private sector investment in manufacturingindustries in Kurdistan province from economic insecurity we review, researchmethodology, based on the type of data and type of collection of descriptiveand statistical community was studied, 130 investors and investment analysts view Kurdistan province. Due to thenature of the research topic examplesThetarget for the research hypothesis, including the original hypothesis: that therelationship between reduced private investment in productive industries inKurdistan province, fitted with a secure, economic desperation and thehypothesis of a subsidiary included: lack of price stability was not acompetitive space forklift, private and public sector and the existence of fairrules and administrative regulations of the hands and feet are stuck-fitted.


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