Ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) infesting cattle in two areas of northeast of Algeria


  • Matallah Faouzi Department of Veterinary Sciences, Faculty of Science and Life, University Chadli Ben Jdid, El Tarf, Algeria.
  • Matallah Saida Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Science and Life, University Chadli Ben Jdid, El Tarf, Algeria.
  • Mahzem Djamila Department of Veterinary Sciences, Faculty of Science and Life, University Chadli Ben Jdid, El Tarf, Algeria.
  • Layachi Khaoula Department of Veterinary Sciences, Faculty of Science and Life, University Chadli Ben Jdid, El Tarf, Algeria.
  • Medjouel Ilyes Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, University Senia Oran, Algeria.


Totally 372 ticks from 90 cattle, in two areas of the north east of Algeria were collected. Totally, 83% of ruminants were infected by ticks. All mites were belonged to family Ixodidae and classified into three genera and nine species comprising: Rhipicephalus annulatus; Hyalomma impeltatum; Rhipicephalus bursa; Hyalomma  anatolicum; Hyalomma detritum; Hyalomma marginatum; Rhipicephalus turanicus; Rhipicephalus sanguineus and Haemaphysalis punctata. Rhuipicephalus annulatus, Rhipicephalus bursa and Hyalomma detritum were the majority of ticks (23%, 22% and 18% successively). The most common tick’s predilection sites on the cattle body surface were observed on the ears (average of in the two study areas was 80%), followed by low rate on scrutum, udder, neck and Limb. High prevalence of tick infestation (Rhipicephalus and Hyalomma) in the study areas during spring and summer warrants the need for formulating appropriate intervention strategies to improve control of ticks infestation and awareness among cattles farmers. The removal of ticks by the hands used by breeders can reduce the number of parasites but do not eliminate the transmission of pathogens to cattle.


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