The significance of genotype and some non genetic factors in influencing productive traits, carcass and meat quality properties in pig production


  • Never Assan Zimbabwe Open University, Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Agriculture Management, Bulawayo Region, Box 3550, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe


Non-Genetic Factors, Productive Traits, Carcass, Meat Quality, Pig Production


Growth rate, carcass  and meat quality properties  are vital factors influencing the cost of fattener production and viability  in pig production enterprises. These factors are related to  genetic potential and various environmental factors, where the overall  efficiency of production depends on the successful interaction of these two factors. There has been a distinctive association of genetics and individual levels of various non genetic factors such as nutrition, management, litter size, parity etc with different production parameters, carcass and meat quality properties in pig production. Whilst genetics is a major influence on these traits, there are  a large number of  non genetic factors that impinge on  maximizing production, hence the need to manipulate them to improve the final product, which is pork.  The preceding review gives insight on the role of genetics and non genetic factors on production traits, carcass and meat quality properties in pig production. An examination of the impacts of pre-slaughter stressors on pig carcass and meat quality should be considered in corrective strategies for remediating and preventing pre-slaughter stress which result in poor carcass quality. Some suggestions  to guarantee  appropriate pre slaughter conditions  and obtain the best meat quality are reviewed. The discussion concludes that a holistic approach which give emphasis on understanding both genetic and  non genetic factors  which influence production will give maximum benefits in pork production. In addition appropriate preslaughter animal handling issues should be part of the strategies to improve meat quality in pig production.


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