The effects of shrubs Salsola arbusculiformis Drob. on soil chemical and physical characteristics in North east rangelands of Iran


  • Ali Mohammad Asaadi Ph.D. Student of Range and Watershed management Faculty, Agriculture and Natural Resource University of Gorgan, IRAN
  • G.A. Heshmati Prof., Range and Watershed management Faculty, Agriculture and Natural Resource University of Gorgan, IRAN
  • A.R. Dadkhah Associate Professor, Shirvan Higher Education Complex


Salsola arbusculiformis., Soil physico-chemical properties., Garmeh., Iran


The purpose of this investigation was to study the effects of Salsola arbusculiformis on soil physico-chemical characteristics in rangelands of in Garmeh Located in northeast of Iran. After surveying the regions, the three sites (karnakh, Aspakho, Robat) with Salsola arbusculiformis were selected. Vegetation cover and soil parameters were sampled by a random systematic method, in each region. Five transects each 100 meter length were selected and then 50 plots by the average of 1m ×2m were randomly chosen and vegetation cover parameters such as percentage canopy cover, production, density and percentage litter were measured in the key area of each site. Soil samples were taken from two depths (0-30, 30-60 cm) under plant and in control areas. The measured characteristics of soil included texture, electrical conductivity (EC), acidity (pH), nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), Sodium (Na), Organic matter(OM), CaCO3 and CaSO4 .Data were analyzed using SPSS software under windows. One-way ANOVA and T-test were used to compare the data related to planted and control treatments. Results showed that Salsola arbusculiformis significantly increased the amount of K, pH, EC, N, Na (P<0.01), and O.M (P<0.05). In these sites measured characteristics of soil in planted areas were more than the control ones.


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