Application of waste calcium carbonate in the tire industry


  • G. H. Ranjbar Department of Mining Engineering, Safashahr Branch, Islamic Azad University, Safashahr, Iran
  • M. H. Azadi Young Researchers club, Shiraz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shiraz, Iran


Waste powder; Calcium carbonate; Physical properties; Rubber filler; Particle size


Calcium carbonate is used as inert filler in rubber industry in theproduction of tires. Calcium carbonate is abundant and inexpensive, so it iswidely used for cost reduction. Too, calcium carbonate is known as non-reinforcing fillers in rubber industry.­ Waste CaCO3 powder is a by-product ofsawing marble and could be used as a replacement for the CaCO3 fillers that arecurrently used in rubber production. In the present study, particle size,specific surface area, and physical properties such as tensile strength, 300%modulus, hardness and elongation at break were studied. The results were foundthat made ruubers from waste calcium carbonate was getting higher hardness,modulus, elongation at break than standard. Eventually, waste CaCO3 powder wassuitable for use in the rubber industry.


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