Oestrus Synchronization using Cloprostenol in Red Sokoto Doe (RSD) in Sokoto


  • M. A. Umaru Department of Theriogenology and Animal Production. Nigeria
  • H. S. Garba Department of Veterinary Medicine. Nigeria
  • J. B. Adeyanju Department of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology. Nigeria
  • E. O. Oyedipe Department of Veterinary Anatomy; Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, Nigeria
  • A. Bello National Animal Production Research Institute, Zaria, Nigeria
  • A. A. Adeyeye Department of Theriogenology and Animal Production. Nigeria
  • S. Buhari Department of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology. Nigeria
  • A. Jibril Department of Theriogenology and Animal Production. Nigeria


Cloprostenol, Oestrus synchronization, Red Sokoto Doe


A dose determination study for the prostaglandin analogue cloprostenol was conducted in the Red Sokoto Does (RSD). 24 RSD were divided into four groups of 6 animals, the first group is the untreated control receiving 0µg of the cloprostenol. The second, third and fourth groups were given 50µg, 75 µg and 100 µg of the drug respectively. No oestrus response was observed in the control. All the animals in group 2, 3 and 4 were seen to come on heat between the 48th and 96th hour after the second injection, all the Does in these groups manifested heat (100% response). The study demonstrates that 50µg, 75µg and 100µg of cloprostenol are effective doses for synchronization of oestrus in the RSD. These findings were discussed in the paper.


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A. Umaru, M., S. Garba, H., B. Adeyanju, J., O. Oyedipe, E., Bello, A. ., A. Adeyeye, A., Buhari, S. ., & Jibril, A. . (2012). Oestrus Synchronization using Cloprostenol in Red Sokoto Doe (RSD) in Sokoto. Scientific Journal of Zoology, 1(5), 87-90. Retrieved from https://www.sjournals.com/index.php/sjz/article/view/1177



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