Study of export to external barriers of small and medium enterprises (Case Study of Kurdistan Province)


  • Saeed Ranjbar Department of Business Management , Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, kermanshah, IRAN


export, exportbarriers, the outer barriers, the small and medium enterprises


Globalization in recent decades due to rapid and complex changescan be found. The international trade and technology to the global market on the component tasks of Governments is increasing due to the complexity of tradeand global markets to all countries in search of the right way to enter andcompete in this arena are. Given that the export is one of the most importantbeing international strategy both for companies and for the national economy inthe world markets and due to the importance of small and medium-sizedenterprises on the production and export of these obstacles to job creation,corporate recognition of the special importance.The results of the research indicate that all psychologicalresearch hypotheses were confirmed. So the outer barriers on reduction ofexport development of small and medium enterprises, there is a positive impact.


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