A synopsis of the epistemology of pedagogic essences and orthodidactic practice


  • Patrick Sibanda Faculty of Applied Social Sciences, Zimbabwe Open University, Zimbabwe


Pedagogic essences, Orthodidactic practice, Disharmonious learning situation, Learning difficulty, Pedotherapy, Individualised educational programme


This paper provides a comprehensive exploration of the contextualization of pedagogic essences in orthodidactic practice. A literature analysis demonstrates that orthodidactic practice is different from functional remedial teaching in that it explores the learner’s experiential world in terms of pedagogical criteria with the aim of understanding his or her inner-most personal image hence individual needs. The pedagogic essences which revolve around programming as it relates to the orthodidactic teaching aim and lesson structure enable the learning situation to appeal to the learning image of the learner with a learning difficulty. In the ultimate, the goal is to eliminate the disharmonious educative experiences so that the learner can learn through typical means again. This review also shows that these pedagogic essences are pivoted on individualized educational programming (IEP) and have potential to facilitate the elimination of not only the symptom images but the very factors that create the disharmonious learning situation. This paper established pedotherapeutic intervention as relevant in these regards. Ultimately, the paper concluded that, when expertly implemented, the pedagogic essences form the foundations of orthodidactic practice and make it a more effective alternative to dealing with learning difficulties than the more common functional-remedial teaching strategies for instance.


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