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Preliminary clinical observation following intravenous blood transfusions in Ovines

M.A. Umaru, A. Bello, L.U. Hassan, B.R. Alkali


Preliminary clinical observations were carried out following intravenous blood transfusions in sheep. Twelve (12) adult sheep were used, six (6) as donors and six (6) as recipients. Blood was collected via venepuncture using commercial blood bags used fur humans. The collected blood was immediately transfused to the recipients; observations for clinical signs, reactions, and vital parameters were recorded. Repeat intravenous transfusions were also conducted and similar clinical observations were conducted. Reactions observed in recipient include Hyperthermia, Hyperthermia tachycardia, hyperpnoea and anorexia. A mean increase of 7.83 cycle/min and 3.83 was observed for respiratory rate, heart beat rate and packed cell volume respectively. A mean decrease in temperature of -3.6oc was observed in the recipients. No mortality was recorded aside from those clinical observations.

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