Combination of Engineering Physics and Modern Scientific Management in High Technology Achievements


  • Arezu Jahanshir Bueinzahra Technical University Ghazvin, 3451745346, IRAN
  • Amirhosein Jahanshir Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, 1414633784, IRAN


Knowledge-based Management; High technology and modern equipment; Industrial technology


Studying and contemplating the current managerial structure of developed countries show that management and its strategic results have lost their own traditional and usual concept. In these countries, modern management has been developed depending on the knowledge-based infrastructures. In other words, long-term and short-term modern management in all fields is founded upon the predetermined ordered scientific principles and structures that has entered different scientific concepts, wishes and objectives into this field and affects both and non-organizational managerial procedure observed widely in each field of sciences. For this reason, the results and achievements of knowledge-based management of developed countries indicate the significant development of a kind of modern management in the basic and human sciences. While it is doubtlessly true that developed countries are better endowed more than others to compete in the global knowledge high technologies and new equipment management, the problem is rarely that the fewer successful countries lack sufficient scientific high technologies management.


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