Hamiltonian multiplex interaction based on excitons effect in semiconductor QCs


  • Arezu Jahanshir Department of Physics, Boueinzahra Technical University, Ghazvin, 3451745346, IRAN


Semiconductor QCs, Exciton, Mass and energetic spectrum;,Binding energy, Spin dynamics


The subject of modern technology has been the focus of extensive theoretical investigations in semiconducting nanostructures which we know as quantum dots (QCs). The possibility of monitoring and controlling the properties of QCs attracted considerable attention to these objects, as an important basic system in future technology. So, the quantum-mechanical effects play a significant role in the description of the formation mechanism QCs, determination of mass spectrum, binding energy and other characteristics. Based on QFT and by using oscillator representation method (ORM) and operator product expansion technique developed in QFT, we study the properties of electron-hole QDs, determine mass spectrum and peruse spin-spin interactions in exciton system and its multiple pair systems. This method has applications to calculate the binding energy of exciton system in ground and excited states with semi-nuclear structure in semiconductor QCs or cold atomic few-body systems and develop the general calculation’s theory of few-body systems based on the Coulomb interaction between particles by forming excitonic pairs in semiconductor QCs. We investigate the binding energy of exciton bound states. It is shown that fermion particles have a very small mass, and after bonding together by dynamically force, constituent particles become massive, which is analogous to what happens in QCD.


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