Definition of singularity due to Newton’s second law counteracting gravity


  • Hossein Javadi Azad Islamic University, Science and Research Campuses, Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Farshid Forouzbakhsh Universitiy of Tehran, Sci. & Tech. Park, Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Arezu Jahanshir Faculty of physics, FKN University, Kazakhstan, Iran


Sub-quantum space-time, Sub-quantum energy, Sub-quantum divergence, Sub-quantum convergence, Absolute black hole, Singularity


With several issuesbeing raised in the late twentieth century, modern physics was challenged andwhile quantum mechanics and relativity did not have the ability to respond andresolve issues also they cannot do it todays.Despite such problems, physicists are trying to find an appropriate andconvincing response only on the scope of quantum physics and relativity and inthis respect need topay attention to the classical mechanics.Series of failures exist in some categories of these theories, that prior totheir use, they should be clarified and resolved. Regarding on review of Newton's second law in this paper, we have been attempted toenter to the sub-quantum space by crossing the border of quantum mechanics thento survey of counteracting Newton's second law and the universal gravitationlaw and finally we can be analyzed and investigated the results. Insub-quantum space, we passed across the black hole and reach the formation ofthe absolute black hole (a new term that has been presented for the first time in astrophysics by the authors) by specifying the limits of Newton's second lawand gravitation law, then the singularity will be explained in the explosion of an absolute black hole. In thisreview we will be forced to change their attitude towards the singularity andthe general conclusion in the singularity state is: volume will not be zero, densitywill be limited, the time is not a physical quantity (absolute or relative) anda human as an observer (who is not neutral) has invented the time just forusing it to the explain the ticking clock. We use the time just for the clockticking and in different physical situations we can only examine the working of the clocks or compare them to each other.


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